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Government Agency Pricing

Hocking College is proud to offer a 10% discount to all Hocking, Perry and Athens County law enforcement and first responder users.

Hocking College reserves the right to change all pricing and fees listed on this page.

Facility Flat Rate

Includes Hocking College employee for scheduling and inspection, keyless facility access maintenance, upkeep of grounds, sanitation removal, cleaning supplies, range supplies, etc.


Range 1, 2 or 4

Rental of range only. No buildings included.


Range Buildings (No Heat)

Rental of building at range 2 only with no heat (includes tables and chairs)


Range Buildings (With Heat)

Rental of building at range 2 only with heat (includes tables and chairs)


Range 3 Shoot House

Rental of shoot house includes range 2 only. The building is not included.

*This facility requires special training and approval from Hocking College personnel. 


Target Stands (Optional)

Portable stands for targets (No lath or backers)


Barricades (Optional)

Portable stands for barricade training. 


Air Circulation (Optional)

Large barn fan for air movement.


Patio Heaters (Optional)

Radiant heaters used outside during cold weather.


Simmunition Gun-Pistol (Optional)

Rental of Glock 17 gun for simulated live fire. No training ammo supplied.


Simmunition Protective (Optional)

Rental of a set of safety hear. Face mask, throat, chest, and groin protection.


Projector (Optional)

Used for projection on a white screen. No computer supplied.


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